Forest bathing: Online articles


The gentle art of forest bathing

ABC Life, November 2018

Living Planet: Beating stress with forest therapy

DW, November 2018

How Forest Bathing Boosts Your Mood

Civilized, October 2018

Breathe and bathe in the trees

Jackson Hole News and Guide, October 2018

Japanese nature therapy: A beginner's guide to forest bathing

ABC Life, October 2018

Forest Therapy: Getting back to our natural roots

WAToday, October 2018

What Is Forest Bathing?

Parade, October 2018

Shinrin-Yoku | Exploring the New Japanese Trend for ‘Forest Bathing’

Vice, September 2018

In Nature, Author Sarah Ivens Finds a Natural Therapy

LEO Weekly, September 2018

An Exceedingly Brief Shinrin-Yoku Primer for Parents

Parents can help kids cope with stress and improve their health by getting outside.

The Good Men Project, September 2018

Forest “Bathing” to Clean the Mind

Living It, September 2018

A guided stroll through the forest in near silence delivers a calming and refreshing experience

Monterey County Now, September 2018

Is Forest Bathing The New Meditating?

Nylon Magazine, August 2018

Bring Shinrin-Yoku or Forest Bathing Indoors

My Good Planet, August 2018

Why Forest Bathing Is Good for Your Health

Greater Good Magazine, August 2018

What is 'forest bathing' – and can it make your healthier?

The Guardian, August 2018

How Forest Bathing Can Boost Your Overall Health and Keep You Fit

Z Living, August 2018

How Forest Bathing Could Improve Your Health

MyFitnessPal, August 2018

Forest bathing: Why you should branch out and try it

Metro, August 2018

What is forest bathing? Think hiking, but with an extra dose of reflection

LA Times, August 2018

How forest therapy could make you happier and less stressed

CNBC, August 2018

The latest natural therapy: how Japanese forest bathing gets you back in touch with yourself and mother earth

A walk through trees or sitting under a tree have been shown to be relaxing and therapeutic. Forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku as the Japanese call it, lowers blood pressure and boosts the immune system. So get out there and hug a tree

South China Morning Post, August 2018

You Need To Try Forest Bathing, Which Is Exactly What You Think It Is

Research has found that the practice has empirical, quantitative health benefits.

StudyBreaks, August 2018

Feeling Stressed? Time for a Forest Bath

“Forest bathing,” or immersing yourself in nature reaps health benefits, doctors say

NBC Los Angeles, August 2018

The Core Intention behind Forest Bathing

Elephant Journal, July 2018

Hidden In Plain Sight: Finding Relaxation In The Woods With A Guided Forest Therapy Walk

NPR: WEMU, July 2018

Take a Walk in the Woods. Doctor’s Orders.

“Forest bathing,” or immersing yourself in nature, is being embraced by doctors and others as a way to combat stress and improve health.

The New York Times, July 2018

'Forest Bathing' Really May Be Good For Health, Study Finds

Forbes, July 2018

How forest bathing can help you reduce stress, become one with nature

ABC News, July 2018

Forest bathing: a green prescription for a healthy mind

Green News, July 2018

5 Benefits Of Forest Bathing

The Alternative Daily, July 2018

The True Story of a Reluctant Forest Bather

Forest bathing sounds like a fad, but this twist on hiking provided just the mental reset one writer needed.

5280, July 2018

Forest bathing: More than just a walk in the woods

Sonoma West Times and News, July 2018

How to practice 'forest bathing' in a park

TreeHugger, July 2018

Counter Stress by Taking a Forest Bath

W Public Broadcasting, July 2018

What is forest bathing? Your ultimate guide to forest bathing in the UK and it's natural health benefits

But what exactly is it and where can we do it? Here's your ultimate guide.

Country Living, June 2018

Barefoot walk in the forest will reduce your stress level

The Daily Courier, July 2018

Boost Your Overall Health with Forest Bathing (or Shinrin Yoku)

Dr. Axe, June 2018

Healing amid the trees

Forest bathing at Heritage Park to encourage nature connection

C and G News, June 2018

Learn to take a step away from stress and towards the presence of nature, using mindfulness and meditation to feel peace while surrounded by wild earth.

Utne Reader, June 2018

Lace ’em up! The joys of a walk in the woods

Prince William Times, June 2018

Pay Attention: Exploring how forest bathing benefits both body and mind

CBS News, June 2018

What Is Forest Bathing? It's The Perfect Way To Unplug & Unwind This Summer

Elite Daily, June 2018

Why We Should Practice Forest Bathing and How to Get the Benefits of ‘Forest Medicine’

Good News Network, June 2018

Shinrin-yoku: A deep dive into forest bathing

Mother Nature Network, June 2018


Well+Good, June 2018

13 Relaxing Airbnbs That’ll Inspire You to Go Forest Bathing

Brit+Co, June 2018

When nature calls, or how a bath in the forest can change your day

Ottowa Citizen, June 2018

A free year of ‘forest bathing’

Times Standard, June 2018

Discover the joys of forest bathing

Thetford and Brandon Times, June 2018

‘Forest bathing:’ Could it really save your health?

The Telegraph, June 2018

The power of the forest, in a book

Yakima Herald-Republic, June 2018

Getting Outside and Forest Bathing Is Just As Important As a Healthy Diet

Organic Authority, May 2018

‘Forest Bathing’ Is Great for Your Health. Here’s How to Do It

Time Magazine, May 2018

Stressed out? Bathing in the woods is just what the doctor ordered

The Japan Times, May 2018

Happiness Grows on Trees

Could a simple stroll through the woods give you a new lease on life? Wellness editor Tessa Yannone gives it a try.

Boston Magazine, May 2018

For workplace wellness, adopt the Japanese practice of ‘shinrin-yoku’

The Forest Agency of Japan recommends ‘shinrin-yoku’ for health, and we should sit up and take note of it here in India too.

LiveMint, May 2018

Can trees help cure your anxiety?

Renowned professor reveals how to practice the Japanese art of 'forest bathing' to lower blood pressure and ease stress

Daily Mail, May 2018

What is forest bathing, and how can city dwellers reap the health benefits too?

Metro New York, May 2018

‘Forest bathing’ movement promotes spending time in nature

Ashland Daily Tidings, May 2018

Why forest therapy is the hottest new wellness trend you need to know about

Glamour, April 2018

Forest bathing: How a walk in the woods could do you good

BBC News, April 2018

Seeking more energy, less stress? It's a walk in the park

The Sydney Morning Herald, April 2018

Shinrin-Yoku, A Japanese Practice Of Connecting To The Nature, Helps Short-Term Memory And Overall Health

Health Thoroughfare, April 2018

9 Benefits of Forest Bathing & Why You Need to Try It

Mama Natural, April 2018

Forest Bathing

Introduction to Shinrin-Yoku

The River Reporter, April 2018

Shinrin-Yoku: The Japanese Art Of Forest Bathing

Plus 5 Places In And Around Tokyo To Discover The Healing Power Of Nature

Savvy Tokyo, March 2018

Forest Bathing: a hiking alternative that connects you with nature

MyNorthwest, March 2018

Stopping by woods and breathing in deeply

The Boston Globe, March 2018

‘Forest Bathing’ for Mesothelioma: Breathing Natural Medicine

The Mesothelioma Center, March 2018

Forest Bathing For All Seasons

MyMotherLode, March 2018

Japanese “forest medicine” is the science of using nature to heal yourself—wherever you are

Quartz, February 2018

How Being In The Forest Actually Boosts Immunity, According To Science

MindBodyGreen, February 2018

Tired In Tokyo? 5 Healing Points Of Forest Therapy® In Nagano

Matcha: Japan Travel Magazine, February 2018

Want to Get Sick Less and Feel Happier? Do More of This Simple Activity (It's Not Exercise)

Science has discovered a zero-cost, side effect-free way to boost your immune system, kill stress, and feel happier.

Inc., February 2018

'Forest therapy' helps teach mindfulness

The Whig, February 2018


Photographer Tali Kimelman brings the sensory experience of the forest to life after letting herself get lost in its beauty.

National Geographic Australia, February 2018

Japanese forest bathing rejuvenates body and soul

The Japanese practice of forest bathing has been proven to lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormone production, boost the immune system and to improve overall feelings of well being.

Alberton Record, February 2018

Vitamin T

Are trees chemical factories that could save our lives? Nathalie Atkinson reports on a collection of new books that argue for the benefits and beauty of forest bathing

The Globe and Mail, February 2018

Why Scottish GPs are prescribing a walk in the woods

The Herald, February 2018

Heath and Fitness Innovations: Walking through the practice of ‘Forest Bathing’

Argus Courier, February 2018


Shinrin-yoku 101: Forest Bathing for Wellbeing

Learn about the health benefits of trading screens for trees. Your mental and physical health will thank you.

Travel Channel, January 2018

Experts Say This Workout Trend Might Surpass Yoga In Popularity This Year

MindBodyGreen, January 2018

Boosting employee wellbeing with the ‘Forest bathing’ trend

Conference News, January 2018

Stressed out? Try gratitude journals, meal prep and forest bathing

Delaware Online, January 2018

Forest therapy walk promises to reconnect participants with natural world

If you’ve been feeling like you need to reconnect with nature, or perhaps yourself, a few hours spent forest bathing this weekend may do the trick.

The Independent Rhode Island, January 2018

Stressed? Slow your mind down in the forest

The Ecologist, January 2018

Forest Bathing: The Japanese Roots of the Latest Wellness Therapy

This wellbeing trend started in Kyoto but is taking over the world. Is it just a fad? Selena Hoy goes to the source

The Independent, December 2017

How Forest Bathing Gave Me A Whole New Perspective On the Idea of "Natural Healing"

A foray into the world of talking to trees helped me become not just more mindful, but more adventurous.

Self, December 2017

How the Japanese Practice of “Forest Bathing”—Or Just Hanging Out in the Woods—Can Lower Stress Levels and Fight Disease

Open Culture, December 2017

Why stressed Hongkongers should take a hike, not a pill, and let nature heal them

Depression, attention deficit disorder, chronic disease – immersing yourself in the smells and sounds of nature with a slow walk in the countryside can relieve them all and do wonders to ease the pressure of city living, say eco-therapists

South China Morning Post, December 2017

A dose of nature: doctors prescribe a day in the park for anxiety

NBC News, November 2017


Well + Good, October 2017

I Tried Forest Bathing, and It Helped Me Appreciate My Surroundings, De-Stress, and Find My Bliss

Health Magazine, November 2017

The Japanese craze set to takeover British woodland

BBC, October 2017

Kingston leading the way with guided forest therapy walks

Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority hopes residents will reconnect with nature in a more meaningful way

CBC News, October 2017

Forest bathing: A practice with roots in Japan gains a foothold in Canada

Digging into 'Shinrin-yoku', its links to health benefits and how it's practiced here

CBC News, October 2017

Nature Can Make You Less Stressed & More Energized — If You Do It Right

MindBodyGreen, October 2017

Why You Need to Try Forest Bathing

Doctor Oz, October 2017

The idea that immersing yourself in forests and nature has a healing effect is far more than just folk wisdom.

Aeon, September 2017


Why You Need To Try ‘Forest Bathing,’ Japan’s Stress-Zapping Pastime

Research shows it decreases stress, lowers blood pressure and wards off disease.

Huffington Post, July 2017

Inside The Genius Japanese Practice That Boosts Your Immune System & Eliminates Stress Instantly

MindBodyGreen, July 2017

Forest Bathing is Good for Life and Career

Huffington Post, July 2017

Nature Therapy Is a Privilege

Science is learning more about the health benefits of going outside—at a time when access to wild spaces is ever-more unequal.

The Atlantic, June 2017

The practice, long-popular in Japan, is gaining traction in the U.S. as a way of harnessing the health benefits of being outdoors.

The Atlantic, June 2017

Doctors Are Prescribing Park Visits to Boost Patient Health

Sometimes called ParkRx, new programs aim to get people outdoors.

National Geographic, June 2017

The Easy Ritual That Busts Through Stress (Hint: You Probably Already Love It)

MindyBodyGreen, March 2017

More Than a Walk in the Woods

An emerging mindfulness practice, forest bathing is exactly what it sounds like.

Sierra, February 2017

Wellness Trend 'Forest Bathing' Influenced Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year 'Greenery'

People Magazine, December 2016

This Japanese Secret to Improving Your Health and Mood Is Incredibly Easy--and the Next Big Thing

For amazing mood and health benefits, try shinrin-yoku, or a 'forest bath.', October 2016

Want a better body image? Try nature

Quartz, September 2016


The Ultimate Stress Antidote that Costs Nothing

BBC, June 2016

The Magic of Forest Bathing + How To Incorporate It Into Your Self-Care Routine

MindyBodyGreen, June 2016

"Forest Bathing" Could Soon Be Prescribed By Doctors

The Japanese health trend is sweeping the nation—for good reason.

Country Living, May 2016

Scientists Reveal Why "Forest Bathing" or Going to the Beach Boosts Our Well-Being

It’s more than just a happy mindset — it’s in the air.

The Science Explorer, February 2016

Connecting to Nature with Forest Therapy

Wild Foundation, January 2016

Mood enhancer: go down to the woods today

Spending more time ‘forest bathing’ can have a positive effect on depression. Rob Penn on what we owe trees.

The Guardian, October 2015

Why You Need To Try Japanese Forest Bathing

MindBodyGreen, August 2015

Walking In The Forest Is Better For You Than You Can Imagine

A dose of the forest just might be the perfect prescription.

A Plus, May 2015

Forest Bathing

Spirituality & Health Magazine, February 2015

Immerse Yourself in a Forest for Better Health

Department of Environmental Conservation, November 2014

Taking Baths in the Forest

American Forests, February 2013

An Interview with Forest Medicine and Shinrin Yoku Researcher Dr. Qing Li

Hiking Research, November 2012

Forest Bathing

Good for the spirit - and the body

Alive, September 2011

Forest bathing

Research about the Japanese practice of forest bathing shows that time spent in nature lowers stress levels – and could even help fight cancer.

Healthy Parks Healthy People, December 2010