Articles on Forest Bathing

Not all information is created equal. There are various types of information resources, the depth and breadth of their topic contingent upon information need, general audience, and overall purpose. To help explore concepts of nature therapy and forest bathing in a way that serves your current level of interest, our collected resources have been divided into the following areas. 

ONline Articles

Here you will find postings from around the web that provide a good start in understanding the practice and purpose of forest bathing and nature therapy. These will satisfy a general interest, but requires personal evaluation of credibility. 

Popular Press

The articles included here have been published in print format, which means that they have undergone an evaluative process that ensures the validity of its content. These are intended for those who wish to pursue a more authoritative grasp of the topic at hand.

Scholarly articles

These represent the highest caliber of content, with information not only cited but rigorously researched and peer-reviewed for legitimacy. These articles are typically written by scholars or scientists, intended to advance their academic or professional fields. 

Interested in trying out forest bathing?

The following articles list incredible locations in the US and worldwide where you can begin incorporating this practice into your life. We recommend always starting with the Worldwide Forest Therapy Guide Locator Map by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs, where you can trust that the guides have been trained in the skills and principles necessary for an integrative forest bathing experience. 


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